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Shrooms Bouquet for our beloved Mothers

By :Mushroom Kingdom 0 comments

Steer away from conventional gifts this Mothers’ Day. Mushroom Kingdom introduces a DIY mushroom bouquet kit for Mothers’ day. You can now buy a DIY mushroom bouquet kit, assemble your unique creation and give your mother a very different surprise!

Each bouquet kit includes freshly harvested Shiitake, White Button, Black Jelly Fungus and other assorted mushrooms as well as all the materials required to assemble this bouquet.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Create a cone-like shape with the paper provided and secure with tape. Do the same with both sheets of paper. Slot one cone into the other for a unique visual effect.
  2. Fold the sponge in half and use tape to secure the folded sponge.
  3. Insert satay sticks into the gap of the folded sponge and pierce Shiitake and button mushrooms onto tip of satay stick. Alternate the placement of Shiitake and Button mushrooms.
  4. Insert the mushrooms (which are secured on sponge) into the paper cone.
  5. Add filler flowers behind the mushrooms.
  6. Insert Shimeji and Enoki mushrooms into the front of the bouquet.
  7. Roll-up the Black Jelly Fungus and insert them into the front of the bouquet.
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