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Chicken a la king

Recipe submitted by Mushroom Kingdom

Preparation: 5 - 10 mins

Cooking: 15 mins

    - 150g Shiitake mushrooms


Step 1.  In a suitable pan on medium-high flame, melt butter and fry onions till golden brown. Add mushrooms and saute for a minute.

Step 2.  Mix in chopped garlic and cracked black pepper. 

Step 3.  Add the flour and sauté till the ingredients are well incorporated. Pour in the broth and milk and stir for a few seconds.

Step 4.  In a bowl, beat egg yolk and stir in the heavy cream. Add two spoonfuls of the broth and milk mixture from the pan into egg yolk and cream.

Step 5.  Mix well and pour into pan slowly, stirring gently. Add in cooked chicken and vegetables and allow to boil.

Step 6.  Taste for salt. Add parsley and turn off the heat.

Step 7.  Serve hot with scones, pastry shells, toasted bread, rice or pasta. 

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